It is designed to be simple and super easy to use!

Keeping track of our daily budget is something that we all do every day. However, the big problem of budget tracking apps is—there aren’t many good ones.

Introducing “Budget”

This app is born in this kind of environment. It is designed to be simple and super easy to use.

In “Budget,” there is the date in the upper middle part of the screen, with the icon of “summary,” “add,” “left (the day before),” and “right (the day after).” With a simple tap on the date, you can choose the date of the main screen. There are three kinds of items in this app—“income,” “expense,” and “allowance.”

Under the date on the main screen is the remaining money indicator. The default setting in this app is (allowance + income - expense). However, you can choose whether to include the income in the remaining money in the main screen. This way you can use the app in any way you are comfortable with—maybe (income - expense), (allowance - expense), or (allowance + income - expense)—they are all taken care of.

You can add the budget of the month on any day of the month. After saving the item, the remaining money indicator will indicate your remaining money for the month right away. Under that will be the number of your income and expenses of the month. When you need to delete an item, just give it a right swipe.

See? Everything is just so simple in “Budget”—at the same time, powerful.