The Photo to GIF generator!

Do you want to make a GIF file out of your image files? Great! Here comes the Photo to GIF generating tool, PhotoGIF.

With PhotoGIF, generating a GIF file from your image files is as easy as it can get. You simply import your images with the “Import” button or drag-and-drop into the window, set up and time (in seconds) it should stay on screen, choose your output path, and hit the “Generate” button: as you see a green checkmark, your GIF file is readily waiting for you in your selected path!

With PhotoGIF, the Photo to GIF generator, making a GIF file out of your selected images is as easy as it can get. What are you waiting for? Just get PhotoGIF!

* PhotoGIF currently supports generating GIF files from image files of formats JPEG, PNG, AI, BMP, TIFF, HEIC, and PSD.